New to Kaos Range – Gun Smoke KCX 10wt Fly Reel…

I’ve now added a collection of lightweight flyreels that are suitable for chasing Murray Cod. Here is the full specifications on the Xtreme range of reels.

RRP: AU$ 240.00 The Kaos Cod Xtreme – KCX – 10wt Lite Arbour reel is the ultimate in fly reel design and is simply Xtreme.

This is an ultimate lite arbour design, is machine cut from the finest grade aluminium & features precision bearings on a chrome alloy spindle for remarkably smooth handling. Left & right handed reel, smooth silent retrieve with a lite outgoing click. The cork-on-delrin disc drag provides infinite control to protect fine components and yet will provide fish turning power when you require it! The KCX backing capacity is 100m Dacron braid connected to any fly line of chose measuring 25m.10wt Measuements – 104mm OUTSIDE DIA, 72mm INSIDE DIA, 34mm SPOOL WIDTH, REEL WEIGHT 155g

Early Morin Cod Fishing!

Evenings and right in to the early hours of the morning is a great time to pull out your rod and give surface fishing ago, day light hour’s for some people have had proven successes. Calm waters with no wind or breeze and not even a slight ripple on the water makes exciting surface fishing. Barmy nights after a hot day will bring on activity to the top of the water, as for most of the day Murray cod have been sitting low and relaxing. Summer time is when cod are most aggressive on the surface and anything that might land in striking range will just get nailed.

Attraction – Thrill – Excitement

The attraction of fly fishing for Murray cod is always growing and it’s one of the most talked about ways of targeting these sensational fish. Most anglers throw surface lures with a baitcaster or thread line using small or big lures, but the next best way is by fly. Excitement, joy and the thrill of fly fishing is one thing, commotion on the water from the cod boofing you; to havoc in the boat or land base – reeling your backing line on to fighting the fish is hart stopping to say the least.