Early Morin Cod Fishing!

Evenings and right in to the early hours of the morning is a great time to pull out your rod and give surface fishing ago, day light hour’s for some people have had proven successes. Calm waters with no wind or breeze and not even a slight ripple on the water makes exciting surface fishing. Barmy nights after a hot day will bring on activity to the top of the water, as for most of the day Murray cod have been sitting low and relaxing. Summer time is when cod are most aggressive on the surface and anything that might land in striking range will just get nailed.

3 thoughts on “Early Morin Cod Fishing!

  1. Hey Ross, thanks for the fly you left last Saturday. Lovely. I will give it a whirl . I intend to get some more off Trev Martin if he still has them.
    Had a good Cod on but he snagged me on Saturday morning.

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