Surface fly fishing at its best!


Surface fishing
Manipulating our flies’ surface or sinking in to a baitfish pattern, reptiles, frog, moth, mouse or any sort of insect or in fact a small bird that may have landed on the water surface… Natural presentenced and placed flies to provoke a magic surface strike. Surface fishing big flies can be a little intimidating but very rewarding at the same time. Stripping the fly slowly as it dart off left and right, you’ll get the effect with a clinch knot and can have a similar effect with a loop knot. Only move the fly short distances then pause and repeated with more twitchers. By striping the line back this way it gives the motion of a mouse on the water that is injured or a frog. Striping the line back with quick strips in a straight line may resemble a frog or any other mammal on the water trying to get back to a safe place, with this retrieve you’ll need to tie a loop knot. These techniques’ work fantastic with a floating line but can have a similar affect using an intermediate line.

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