Go Pro footage.


Holographic Cod Skull

The Holographic Cod Skull is a new edition to the kaos Murray cod fly range! Developing a new fly is exciting; it’s not just a matter of tying a few materials on a hook and throwing in the water system and hoping for the best results!! Profile and colour also sink rate are all key factors when a new fly design is on the books. This colour scheme, size and length of the fly are a result of a hardbody lure on the market today; which I’ve had great success. There are quite a few key points when flies are built! The two main factors to this fly are a weighted head and designing the Owner hooks to swim up right.  Constructing the fly to ride hook point up will make it just about weedless and snag proof. Now with 5 new different colours all tied on a 5/0 Owner hook, the Holographic cod skull is the best fast sinking Murray cod fly available right now! It maybe fished with a floating line in the shallows to deep following water with Intermediate line.  The colours in the range cover all water clarity’s and suited to all rivers, lake and dam systems Australia wide.

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