106cm Murray cod surface fly fishing!

106cm Murray cod

G’day – Excited to say the least as at this moment and words can’t explain! But ecstatic to announce that my latest Murray cod on fly is 106cm – 30kg or 67lb and a girth of 97cm. It was rather a cold night at 4 degrees the water temperature about the same; with fog rolling in though out the night. Myself and angling mate Steve, fished from the late night though to the very early hours the following morning. It was 2AM we had a few inquiries before the huge commotion erupted and it was fish on. Once the cod was hooked it was about a 15 minute fight with many hart stopping moments – Steve netted the big girl and happy days were here! We were casting surface flies and big 1s at that, the Cod Zooka from the Kaos range tied on a 5/0 Owner hook and a length of 220mm.

A short career in the fishing industry; only fly tying and fly fishing for 5 years. Owning my own Murray cod fly tying company for the same duration. Leaning a lesson or two from other anglers and educating anglers’ myself; as well as experimenting with all tackle. Taking the good with the bad and keeping faith, goals can be reached and time on the water being proactive using the time wisely can result in long life dreams.

Huge thanks to my angling mate Steve Bam. Not that he just netted a Murray cod of a life time but braving the cold conditions along the way on several trips. Winter fishing shouldn’t be over looked at any time and especially at night time! A big shout out to all the fish’O’s that have taken on this revamped sport. I know it shouldn’t be in the closet as a secret society as it’s just too good for that! Cheers Virty

Winter Murray cod fly fishing off the surface!


Winter fishing shouldn’t be over looked at any given time. As it’s so cold you might think surface action is out of the question? NO! Murray cod still need to eat and as the bait fish and shrimp go dormant the search for food is high priority. The big girls and boys are on the prowl for anything that might catch there attention. With a big drop in the barometer and 3 days after or 3 days before a new moon a cold dark night is just what the doctor ordered….Cheers Virty