Cod skull.


Cod Skull

The heaviest and fastest sinking fly in the Kaos range; Cod Skull is made up with 3 different materials’ and one of the main features is the Skull head. Like all Kaos flies – the Cod Skull is tied on a 5/0 Owner hook. With that the hook point rides up would as this make it less to foul up on any structure? No need for weed guard! Intermediate and sinking fly line is best worked with the Skull; with the two different sink rates of the line you’ll be able to fish any of your favorite depth of water. May also be fished with floating line in tight shallow and snaggy water.The Cod Skull will slim down to a bait fish pattern once wet and keep that profile when striped as well. As this fly sinks quite fast it can be worked fast; quick strips over a rocky surface as the fly hits big boulders, it acts like an injured bait fish struggling to swim. When the fish are quite or hiding low and deep in the water column the Cod Skull will sink straight down to the zone to entice a reaction from the fish. Tied in 6 colors you’re sure to find a designed color to meet your fishing requirements.

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