The new native fly that will be added to the kaos range….FAT BADGER! 5 new and very original flies, a great concept of colors and the perfect size for – Yella’s, Sooties, Togas and Bass just to name a few. Tied on a 3/0 Owner hook, large eyes and a sweet FAT profile for very hungry natives. They will be available soon, so watch this space. Cheers Virty

Float tube – very compact & great to use.


Fat Cat deluxe float tube, very compact lite weight and no time to inflate! Anglers who enjoy fishing still water and need stealth to get close to wary fish, this is super quite movement. Higher seat delivers all-day comfort and a warmer and drier fishing experience. The high seat position also makes it easier for fly fisherman to cast. High-quality urethane bladder withstands rugged use, and the PVC/pack-cloth shell resists punctures and tears. Two large gear pockets store essentials, while two beverage holders keep your favorite drink at hand. Behind-the-seat storage system keeps your gear organized.
Weight: 12 lbs.
Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

I use long flippers to move to each spot faster, but does make it a little hard to move in a tight spot. Scuba boot are a must to were the flippers and a bonus is when you take the flippers off, you have comfortable shoes to track though the scrub. Double pump action quickly fills the tube, as the up and down motion constantly pumps air. Plenty of room for the landing net be hind the seat, with the pockets on either side holds enough flies and other tackle. It’s a sweet ride and gets you in to those spots that aren’t to easy to cast from the bank. I’ll be adding another 1 to the collection soon.