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Native Spec. Built tough for big green backs!

On the market today is a huge array of fly rods and all designed to suit any style of fishing being salt or freshwater! I was recently contacted by the crew from Hard Core Element (HCE) to test their new proto type fly rod; the ‘Native Spec’ – purposely designed and based on a blank made especially for them by CTS in New Zealand.

The Native Spec has been developed to lift large fish from sunken structure of all depths of water. Native Spec is a 4 piece rod, using REC snakes and the very functional, slightly angled Fuji stripper guides to maximize casting distances and minimise frustrating tangles. HCE has taken an extra step in protecting the Native Spec in an aluminium tube which finishes of the whole package beautifully!

Action, attraction and an absolute a pleasure to cast, the Native Spec has it all. Casting ability to bang out 25m plus of fly line or close short accurate casting in to tight spots, ripping out huge flies – the rod takes all the pressure off you. While casting this rod with streamer and floating flies, the pick-up power is next to none; with a hit from a green back I was able to haul the line up very quickly and throw the fly back to the strike zone for another crack.

HCE – Native Spec is designed to throw large flies accurately all day and that’s what I achieved. Accurate casting at stand up and sunken structure is what it’s all about. There are no waylaid casts with the Native Spec: just point it in the direction you want the fly to go and the fly line glides out with ease and an accurate cast is placed! The Native Spec is a very ballsy rod but very forgiving on your arm at the same time. The unique action and taper means it can be cast all day long with no ache and pains; which makes for an enjoyable day.

Available as standard in an 8wt and 10wt at 8’6″, it can be ordered shorter or longer in 3″ increments. They also come on a salt and freshwater reel seat options.

The colours were chosen to closely match that mighty freshwater fish, the Murray Cod. Full heavy duty REC hardware, REC snakes and Fuji SiC anti-foul strippers. Big fighting butt and a full wells fleur grade cork handle.
I see it as a great fly rod specifically designed for Murray Cod, Golden Perch, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon and anything else that loves to lurk in snags!

Any inquiry’s please contact HCE on face book or alternatively contact kaos cod flys @ face book!

Cheers Virty

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