newbridecod 041

If you’re looking for an unusual fly that calls up the big green fish…look no further. Designed to the perfect balance for; casting with 8wt and 10wt Ross Fly Stik rods and weight forward fly lines. Sometimes the only way to interest fish like Murray cod and Barramundi, is to cast the fly right with them, and yet most designs, this almost guarantees a hang-up fly. Casting flies at around Murray cod tangled lairs presented the age old issue of fly Vs snag! It was these challenges that spawned the development of the shuffler and other snag proof flies. This led Rob Meade to develop several patterns from the gutless frog to the shuffler. Creating such a fly made the hook point 100% snag-proof.

This fly doesn’t drag though the air and allowed for, straight accurate pin point alignment for narrow passage ways. Its compact but large design allows it to be fished over structure such as submerged timber lay downs, be dragged over rock points and ripped through weed beds without getting hung up, all because of a unique design. Hook point riding true and up right at all times, the 6/0 shuffler body development, not just allowed it to be cast in to structure. The body is assisted by a button placed on the top of the fly gives added protection to the hook point. At the same time the button provides area were water is forced around it, with that, this will create a bubble trail. A couple of other features are the silly legs for added movement and ball bearings for a rattle. The size of the 6/0 shuffler is ideal for throwing during light wind conditions where traditional lighter size flies have to be put away. Their great profile and swimming action, displace huge amount of water to attract any lurking fish! Equipped with sharp Maruto hook, they are made from the highest quality stainless steel. Without sacrificing strength and provide excellent holding power.

There are several method to retrieve the 6/0 shuffler, a two handed retrieve is an effective way, as it keeps the fly on a consistence move.  After the cast, you must tuck the butt of the rod and the reel in the armpit of your preferred arm. Then, with your upper arm holding the rod close to your body, both hands commence a rapid hand-over-hand retrieve of the fly line. The two-handed retrieve requires some finger dexterity and works best when the hands are kept close to the stripping reel of the rod. Most people can get more speed with lots of quick, short retrieves rather than longer ones.

There are two preferred fly line to cast the 6/0 shuffler, floating line and intermediate line. Floating fly line will keep the fly up on top of the surface or close and intermediate will work the fly as a sub-surface fly. Not to mention the leader, is to be kept very short and not to be any longer than 3ft in length. Keeping the leader short helps roll the fly out in a straight line, I recommend this for all kaos flies. It’s all about the fly dispersing the water and creating vibration, not all about noise like the traditional buzzbaits and other surface lures.

The new 6/0 shuffler is to be added to the kaos range soon. If you love big flies this fly is just for you, and that ever grow tackle-box of flies.