Murray cod fly tying video – kaos hoodlum…..

A large profile and the slowest sink rate fly in the Kaos range for its size. The Hoodlum is tied up with several different materials’ and one of the main features the Fish Mask head. Like all Kaos flies – the Hoodlum is tied with the best products and on a 5/0 Owner hook. Bucktail, synthetic materials and Whiting Farms as it’s a premier producer of highest quality hackle. A contrast of colours tied in with sparkle flash just the right amount to attract the fish. Very large profiles the Hoodlum will slim down to a baitfish pattern once wet and keep that profile when striped as well. As this fly sinks quite slowly; it can be worked for a longer time. Hovering over rocky points close to timber structure and big boulders, it acts like an injured bait fish struggling to swim. Floating and intermediate fly line are the 2 preferred sink rates. You’ll be able to fish any of your favourite depth of water. When the fish are quite or holding tight in the water column the Hoodlum will hover long enough in the zone to entice a reaction from the fish. Tied in 4 colours you’re sure to find a designed colour to meet your fishing requirements.

Recipe: 5/0 Hoodlum

5/0 Owner Hook
210 Denier Flat Wax Nylon – White
Streamer Hair – White & Red
Sparkle Flash – Arctic Pearl
Grizzly – Natural & Yellow
Buck Tail – FL.Yellow
Fish-Mask #10
Eyes 10mm
Loon Outdoors Water-Base Head Cement

Dr Slick – Ceramic Bobbins – Dr Slick – Scissors

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