product testing the Bandit with accurate fly placement.

banditcod 005

Fly place essentially can be anywhere in summer period’s to a point! – Winter times close to any kind of structure recommended E.g…standing timber, weed beds, submerged structure and undercut banks! Why I’ve said close casting and accurate casting is a must; the time I’ve spent targeting these fish is that way would casting wont land you fish. Murray cod have moved from their normal haunts and on search for a feed; cod still like to have cover close by if they ever feel intimidated. So by casting at structure you’re eliminated time wasting and casting where the cod are! If you have the opportunity to schedule your fishing session around all these factors; then the next time on the water I would hope you’ll have the best chance of landing that big green back.

banditcod 022

Within explaining all this, being 100% accurate is not necessary; Murray cod react with lighting speed in a short distance. A meter either side of the structure no more…will entice a strike. Repetitive casting at the same spot will give you another chance on casting the fly closer to raise a hit. In a scenario in tight skinny water, accurate and controlled casting is need. Colours and styles of fly to cast will depend on the day just like if you were casting spinner baits; it’s the same principle. Local knowledge on the area is paramount; receiving any information about the location you’re going to fish is very valuable. Anglers that might have been casting spinner baits in stent colours and having good success the same colours can be used in any fly style.

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