Tools of the trade!

yella fly

Standing in a river or stream and perfecting the rhythm for cast after cast, listening to the movement of the water, the birds in the trees, and an occasional screaming reel of a large fish. Memories like these carry the serious angler through your days. Hooking a native and releasing it into the river can only be exceeded in pleasure by hooking him with the fly you tied yourself. Fly tying patterns Instructions, which take the mystery out of the craft and give even a novice the best chance of success. If tying your own flies is new to you, then you have some wonderful experiences ahead. The art of fly tying is one that will become a passion a competition with your to achieve the perfectly tied lure, that killer fly that captures the biggest of fish. There is no one to inspect your work but the fish you’re after, and your sense of success comes from the reeling of the fish that go into the creel. So, how do you learn the art? There are flying tying patterns in every fly fishing magazine and online at every fly fishing site. There are even websites focused specifically on fly tying recipes, which of course, are fly tying instructions.


What’s important is that you choose a basic pattern and start. Each attempt will yield a better fly tier than the one before, as its practice that perfects this delicate craft. Be sure before you start that you have all the supplies and tools called for in the pattern, so you can complete each fly once you begin the process.


Multiple techniques are used to create fly tying patterns’ the combination of techniques and materials allow the fly tier to create and invent an infinite number of patterns. Simple to advance traditional flies use natural fur and feathers but the invention of synthetic materials extends the creative reach of the modern fly tier. In addition to materials, the different hook sizes and styles influence the style of the fly.

partridge hooks

Fly tying recipes are prolific on the internet, along with ratings by users for the clarity of the instructions and the fly’s success in catching fish. The craft is inextricably linked to the sport of fly fishing, and the passion for one fuels the passion for the other. Try it and find out for yourself.

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