Winter Murray Cod Off the Top!

midnightcod 074

There is an old argument among fly fishermen as to which is more important knowing where the fish are or being able to present the fly to them. Knowing where the fish are, is certainly nice however if you can’t reach them or present the fly you are simply not in the game. Even if you have no idea where the fish are but can cast well enough to cover the water with finesse you are likely to find success.

midnightcod 091

The technique is to cast your fly across the river, small stream or lake close as possible to any structure. Immediately being to twitch, strip and rip the fly back in a similar way you might fish other large trout or saltwater flies. Often action is instant and cod boil at the fly being surface or sub-surface. A constantly moving fly will entice more strikes from the fish, than a non-moving fly, but a game changer could be the differences if that retrieve isn’t working. Quick 1 – 2 strip then a very long pausing, so long that it feels like you should tweak again – that’s the game changer right there! Even tho they may reject the fly, casting several time in the same location could produce another savage strike. Quite often the same fish will rise, boil and break the surface behind the fly. As the fly desperately swim away from the fish, it will finally take it with a huge swirl or splash and race off with it.

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The talk of the day and weeks to come will be all about you landing a fish on fly. Maybe you’re first time or the hundredth time, for me it’s always a great feeling and for your fishing partner as they get involved too by lip griping or netting the fish and also taking the photo. The bug is hard to shake once you have landed a native on fly and the only thing you talk about is the last time you were out hooking up or the next time you can get out on the water chasing these magnificent green backs. In your favor too around the camp fire while enjoying a yarn about how big you’re biggest is; or the one that got away. If you have caught a Murray Cod on fly and i can tell you now not too many anglers can say they have, you will always have a story to tell.

Sooty Grunter & Jungle Perch!

11174886_10206571905034019_3035990134477384842_nVinnie Versfeld with a very health Sooty….

The Mini Fat Badger is the smallest fly in the kaos range…Able to be fished with 2 different lines, floating, and intermediate making it a versatile fly. While casting intermediate line once it has bellied out, what I mean is from the fly to rod tip the intermediate line has sunk leaving an arch between the two. With short tight strips the Mini Badger is forced along the same track as the fly line that has bellied too, the fly will create a bubble trial behind it. There is no need to manipulate the fly at any time, leave the fly in its natural profile as you will be pleasantly surprised on how well the Mini Badger swims.


Floating line with a short leader keeps the fly high in the water with a slow sink rate and this aloud an easy haul off the water and to recast making it a easy ride over any structure. This retrieve style is for big hang time achieving more time in the strike zone. Not just its presents the mini also displaces euongh water to attract a lurking native. As it’s ripped through the water column and with hang time when paused, this fly is bound for your fly box!


As there are many native freshwater fish on the East Coast, this fly is great for Golden Perch, Bass, Stooties Saratoga and Jungle Perch. On a last note, the Mini Badger is best cast with a #5, #6 and #7 weight rod of any model!