2015/16 Murray cod open….

saxoncodopen 062

Kicked start off to the 2015/16 Cod open in style, I managed to have a few hours flick on Saturday Avo. Moving away from the crowds having the river to myself is truly magic. Casting watching the wild life and listing to the sweet sounds of the Australian bird choir nothing quite like it anywhere else….Below a few tips, enjoy!

The fly rod is and tackle is one of the easiest bits of fishing equipment to carry with you. It assembles and dismantles apart in to 4 pieces and tuck’s away in to a tube you can’t get any easier than that. A fly reel is also very compact to travel with and a small fly box; who I’m I kidding? A large fly box with your favorite flies and you set ready to go. My fly rod is with me 100% of the time when I’m traveling around; you just don’t know what water you might come across a creek, river or passing by a lake. Within minutes you’re set up ready to attack any stretch of water. Compact easy to set up and will fit just about anywhere in a car, the fly rod should be your best friend. Why my rod is in the car all the time; it’s not just so I can have fish any time, even tho I love too, it’s also to work on my technique and casting skills.

saxoncodopen 041

Positioning the boat in shallow water; punch a cast out over the drop off, which any sounder will show you undulating ground. Once over the drop off or structure give the fly time to sink before stripping back. The sink rate is slow with an intermediate line but this means the fly is in the strike zone a lot longer too. Casting the fly past or over the structure; then stripping the fly back towards the strike zone – prepare yourself to get smashed, as Murray cod and Golden perch hit with an almighty force. Repetitive casting in the same spot will in carriage a hit, mixed in with big rips or two or three quick twitches at a time.

saxoncodopen 024

The best advice I can offer, is to never pass by any small creek or river system if it has shallow water. And if it looks too difficult to cast at, that’s the spot to have a shot at as you may be amazed at the size of the fish living beneath the water! However, there are many small creeks and rivers and lakes where you can fly fish from the water’s edge for Murray cod or Golden perch locally.

saxoncodopen 059

Local knowledge on the area is paramount; receiving any information about the location you’re going to fish is very valuable. This makes it easy to go for a couple of hours of casting after work or on the weekend. Take in to consideration of other anglers’ technique and revert those in to fly. Anglers that might have been casting spinner baits or any other artificial lure in certain colours and had good success, then the same colours can be used in any fly style. There are quiet and tranquil spots along most water ways and can be very rewarding for fly fishing anglers who want to catch a Murray cod or two.

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