Fly Fishing is it an ART??

Fly fishing is it an art! There is an innate beauty in a fly cast. There is a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing that comes from standing in a river or on the river bank. A rhythmic cast of a fly line back and forth. It’s a sense of being in time with nature, in tune with the solitude of the great outdoors being a part of the whole sentry. The fly line gilding through the air, unrolling, seems weight­less as it appears to defy the law of gravity. Fly casting has a poetic nature all on its own, there is a connection here; it’s with the heart of the game.

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Anglers are familiar with Spin or Bait casting equipment. In fly casting we attempt to cast an almost weightless artificial fly, made of feathers, hair and thread. To target and present that fly in a manner that will imitate a natural food source. In Fly Casting the line itself is the weight and the fly is along for the ride.

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There are many parts to sport of fly fishing from the aquatic entomology to the presentation. The fly fisherman and women must know and understand the cycle of nature, the food sources we try to imitate and their life cycle. Of course tying flies is an art form all on its own. The creator brings fur and feather together in a very individualized interpretation of nature. This interpretation is to be inspected up close and approved with a strike or rejected at the very last nanosecond, this will skip a heartbeat so be careful. The artist is attempting to represent life itself be it, insect, baitfish and amphibian through colour and shape. Be careful fly tying can be very addictive especially when using you’re own creation.

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The equipment fly line, rod and reel are fairly simple in form and function. From natural hand crafted bamboo to space age materials, all with their own characteristics and advantages. Fly casting equipment has become more specialized and can add real enjoyment whether it be that extremely smooth performance or simply the pride of ownership of a finely crafted instrument.

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Casting of course as I said above has its own rewards not only in the artistic but also the practical.  Understanding the concept of the mechanics is the first and essential step in mastering the art of fly casting. The laws of physics and their application to a flexible lever (rod) being moved through a casting stroke to a point that aims the line precisely at the target, landing exactly as intended is challenging and exciting. I have spent just over 8 years learning and yet there is always more to learn. Every step of the way has been enjoyable just pure fun and accomplishment. It’s not hard anyone can do it. It just takes a little practice. The only difference between a good fly caster and a Master is practice!newsteadyellas 124

Springtime means some of the best Golden perch fishing of the year, but it also offers its’ own set of challenges.  The warming water temps mean the yellow belly are more active and moving shallow, but they are also very sensitive to any drop in air and water temps caused by Springtime cold fronts. These fronts may only result in a slight drop in air and water temps, but they can completely shut down the bite.

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