Anchored @ the Vise!


Tying flies since 2008 I’ve been recognized within an elite, nationwide circle of fly tying masters. Rubbing shoulders and developing relationships with many of the Australians and international fly tying gurus, with whom we exchanged ideas on new and old patterns new techniques.


A naked hook anchored and griped tightly in my vise, I begin the creative process wrapping the thread building the first base of any kaos fly. I apply a layer of material a drop of glue and slow construct not just any fly but a unique Murray cod fly.


Synthetic materials commonly used in fly tying as is natural being a fly tier the amount of product is endless and with the creative mind of tiers the future is going to be exciting.


Hooks come in a wide range of size, shape, length and weight, and must be selected to complement the pattern being tied and the method by which it will be fished. A standout is Ahex hooks are made without compromise – designed by Scandinavian anglers and for fishing all over the world. They use innovative technology and the best materials available for each specific hook.


Various tools enable and optimize fly tying, a professional fly tyer, lists the essential tools as being a vise, Ergo Bobbin, dubbing brush tool, Bodkin and Surgical all-purpose scissors Loon Outdoors have innovative tools for all angler across the globe.