Rhys Wilson

Flicking a fly rod around it’s  still very important to get the fly in the right location, close to standing structure and fallen, also weed beds and casting very close and tight against the bank drop off’s. Hang time flies can be fished a few way’s close to standing timber on any side is good, but the shadow side of a tree is a great spot to target as the cod feel commutable in its surroundings and most times the cod should be holding up in that area.


Jack Hocking

If you are cast towards sunken structure, at first don’t let the fly sink all the way down you will find that the fly could foal up and you could ruin the fishing spot by retrieving the fly if by boat. Let the fly sink a couple of feet then strip back feeling for any structure, fishing this way gets you the feel of the sang. If the fly doesn’t hook up on any timber then let it fall a little more for the next cast and so on. Don’t just cast the fly in one direction at the structure; attack it from another direction you might find that striping the fly in and a cross the timber the other way could entices the fish for a strike!

The attraction of fly fishing for Murray cod is always growing and it’s one of the most talked about ways of targeting these sensational fish. Most anglers throw surface lures with a bait-caster or thread line using small or big lures, but the best way is by fly. Excitement, joy and the thrill of fly fishing is one thing,  commotion on the water from the cod woofing or boofing you; to havoc in the boat getting your backing line on and fight the fish is hart stopping to say the least.


Awesome Marble Colours

Maybe you’re first time or the hundredth time, for me it’s always a great feeling and for your fishing partner as they get involved too by griping or netting the fish. A photo or 2 for those memories a quick swim for recovery for the cod and let her go to grow and for some other anglers to enjoy and their memories……

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