11 thoughts on “CONTACT – KAOS

  1. Gday, I was wondering if I could order a couple of your awesome Cod flies please. If you could recommend a surface and a sub surface that would be great. Ive got a 9 weight eden Fast action Rod.
    Regards Asher.

  2. Hey,
    This is mooser0193 from Instagram.
    Me and my buddy Tyler started keystoneflyfishing in the hopes of putting Pennsylvania on the map of places to fly fish. We tie muskie flies, and in which from what I can tell, you tie and fish almost, if not, the exact same patterns we tie for muskie but for Murray cod !
    I was wondering if we could do a fly swap to see how our patterns produce for you, and some of your patterns as well for muskie !! I hope we can talk further about it and work something out !!
    Nick masteller
    Aka Mooser !

  3. G’day Mooser,

    I to have a passion here in Australia and that’s to educate anglers in to the art of fly fishing for our native Murray cod……My quest is slow being heard and more anglers each year are picking up the sport.

    I have been watching muskie fly tiers for a few years now and i thought those flies got to work on cod. I enjoy tying big flies for bucket mouth Murray cod and moving away from flies that everyone can tie, these bigger profile flies are killing it!

    I’m happy to do a fly swap mate, I tie a fly called the SCUD a articulated surface fly that displaces alot of water. It would be great to see a pike hanging off the end of it mate.

    Our season closes in 2 months for 3 months, cold winters day and I bloody love it! To many anglers find it to cold and hang up the rods. I far from it mate, got a few trips coming up and the fishing should get hot….

    Ross Virt

    AKA Virty

  4. Hey guys

    Ive always wanted to get into fly fishing for Murray Cod and after reading your article in Freshwater Fishing magazine I decided im gonna take the plunge. I was hoping that you might be able to give me some advice on a rod and reel that you would reccomend. My budget is around $350

    • G’day Deon,

      Glad you enjoyed the cod on fly article, I’m tying to promote the sport as much as possible.

      I would have to say your not going to get a set up for that budget mate, you would be looking at $500 plus.

      Ross flystik 7ft 9inch 8wt or 10wt bout $270 Life time warranty and i use both of the wt rods……As for reels TFO Prism Fly Reel 7/8, nice reel bout $120 – Fly line Rio outbound short bout $100, one of the best lines for cod – plus a selection of kaos flies $100

      Hope this helps.
      Cheers Virty

  5. Hello Virty,
    Great article on the float tube, can you tell me if you can source these in Aust., I have only found them oversees?

    • G’day David,

      At this time no one supply’s these Fat Cats, I bought mine from Cabalas online. I know that the, The FlyFisher Melbourne sell float tubes but I’m not sure bout those ones…

      Cheers Virty

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