Kaos Cod Flys is a 100% Australian owned company. Kaos flies are designed and custom tied by Ross Virt aka Virty for our Australian native fish using Australian and U.S components. Kaos is number 1# distributor of custom tied flies’ for the tournament angler and for freshwater fishing anglers. Kaos flies are hand tied with passion and attention to detail; ready for assault when you hit the water. Kaos Cod Flys have been fished and tested in all conditions from Timberlake situated far south in Victoria to the Loddon River, Lake Eildon,  Lake Mulwala, New England table land and other surrounding rivers and lakes of  N.S.W & Q.L.D with great results. Kaos Cod Flys is a new and exciting company that has brought to you the very best and latest in fly designs.

Even tho Kaos purposely tie flies for Murray cod, these new and improved flies are built tuff and bulked up for all freshwater fishing being for big or small natives this includes: Yellow Belly, Barramundi, Saratoga, Sooty Grunter and bass. The flies are right up there with the best for quality, value, strength and toughness for all native fishing. Kaos Cod Flys has not taken any short cuts in their design. The bulk of these flies are second to none other; ideal for Murray Cod and all other native fish. The bigger profile is just irresistible to the fish but at the same time give great action though the water and easy to cast. Kaos flies fished the right way can be deadly to any native fish.

On search for the Famous Murray Cod

Murray cod on the fly is an addiction which has slowly consumed my life to an extent that I’m never truly happy until I’ve caught my next one especially if it’s with a new fly I’ve tied. Recently I’ve really been taking that extra few moments to appreciate the fish I catch and enjoy the release. I promised myself that was I going to take that extra second to admire all the fish I catch. After too many amazing days and catches I find myself thinking how it all happened so fast, how it was all a blur and asking myself why I didn’t slow down to enjoy the moment… After that entire why it’s all about right? Lots of fishless winter days in the tying dungeon make you reflect on things and come to conclusions. I’ve been taking the time to appreciate that time with the fish and shoot a few photos of friends taking that little bit of time to appreciate the release. I’ve sure been glad that I have.

In Action!

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