Fly Tying won’t make you RICH!


Fly tying and constantly developing new patterns and concepts. Creative approach to fly tying, you will discover a new use of fly tying materials and gain inspiration and ideas.


Remember that effective flies catch more fish – It seems simple and straightforward … almost logical that it is so. Consider that the only thing the fish should ever see is your fly. The fly cast, the tackle and your fishing techniques are only tools to bring the fly in the right position. Innovative and strategic approach to fly tying creates the best flies.


Kaos flies catch fish! They are quite crude, not what a connoisseur of well-crafted angling artefacts would want framed in a display box on his den wall. I tie a lot of wet and surface flies, but avoid small trout flies because constructing them irritates me to the MAX!


People tie flies to save money or for the enjoyment of experimenting with new patterns. They do it for the pleasure of catching fish with a fly they develop themselves.Anyone can copy your killer fly for his own use. Usually the best you can hope for is that your fly will appear in books on the subject, either named after you or crediting you with its creation.