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Flicking a fly rod around it’s  still very important to get the fly in the right location, close to standing structure and fallen, also weed beds and casting very close and tight against the bank drop off’s. Hang time flies can be fished a few way’s close to standing timber on any side is good, but the shadow side of a tree is a great spot to target as the cod feel commutable in its surroundings and most times the cod should be holding up in that area.


Jack Hocking

If you are cast towards sunken structure, at first don’t let the fly sink all the way down you will find that the fly could foal up and you could ruin the fishing spot by retrieving the fly if by boat. Let the fly sink a couple of feet then strip back feeling for any structure, fishing this way gets you the feel of the sang. If the fly doesn’t hook up on any timber then let it fall a little more for the next cast and so on. Don’t just cast the fly in one direction at the structure; attack it from another direction you might find that striping the fly in and a cross the timber the other way could entices the fish for a strike!

The attraction of fly fishing for Murray cod is always growing and it’s one of the most talked about ways of targeting these sensational fish. Most anglers throw surface lures with a bait-caster or thread line using small or big lures, but the best way is by fly. Excitement, joy and the thrill of fly fishing is one thing,  commotion on the water from the cod woofing or boofing you; to havoc in the boat getting your backing line on and fight the fish is hart stopping to say the least.


Awesome Marble Colours

Maybe you’re first time or the hundredth time, for me it’s always a great feeling and for your fishing partner as they get involved too by griping or netting the fish. A photo or 2 for those memories a quick swim for recovery for the cod and let her go to grow and for some other anglers to enjoy and their memories……



While one might expect nonstop action on the lake one should visit the river in the same mindset. Equally, the fishing on certain rivers isn’t for the faint-hearted, in some places verging on extreme with challenging wading and unpredictable conditions. It’s a matter of what you hope to get out of your trip. Bear in mind also that the fishing can and will vary greatly from one time to the next. But, whatever your priorities endure the elements and your cod fishing dreams will almost certainly come true.


It helps if you know your water your casting at for night time, fishing structure of any kind you may not see 100% isn’t a problem as you will have a fair idea were bout’s it is. ! The variety is astonishing and the fishing is nothing short of addictive, and those who are fortunate enough to venture in to the night in pursuit of the might Murray cod.


Often action is instant and cod boil at the fly surface or sub-surface. Constancy moving fly will entice more strikes from the fish, than a non-moving fly. Not to say that also seduces the cod to woof the fly down too. Even tho they will reject the fly, casting several time in the same location could produce another savage strike. Quite often the same fish will rise, boil and break the surface behind the fly. As the fly desperately swim away from the fish, it will finial take it with a huge swirl or splash and race off with it.


Being in the right state of mind for casting – You need to relax not rush the cast, which sounds ridiculous I know, so you really need to calm yourself down and breath! Cast accurately at structure and bully these fish from their haunts. If you don’t; you’ll land lesser fish if any; be prepared at all times. It maybe needs to strip strike and if so do it, as hard as you possibly can and set the hooks. Bear in mind also that the fishing can and will vary greatly from one time to the next. But, whatever your priorities endure the elements and your cod fishing dreams will almost certainly come true.

Anchored @ the Vise!


Tying flies since 2008 I’ve been recognized within an elite, nationwide circle of fly tying masters. Rubbing shoulders and developing relationships with many of the Australians and international fly tying gurus, with whom we exchanged ideas on new and old patterns new techniques.


A naked hook anchored and griped tightly in my vise, I begin the creative process wrapping the thread building the first base of any kaos fly. I apply a layer of material a drop of glue and slow construct not just any fly but a unique Murray cod fly.


Synthetic materials commonly used in fly tying as is natural being a fly tier the amount of product is endless and with the creative mind of tiers the future is going to be exciting.


Hooks come in a wide range of size, shape, length and weight, and must be selected to complement the pattern being tied and the method by which it will be fished. A standout is Ahex hooks are made without compromise – designed by Scandinavian anglers and for fishing all over the world. They use innovative technology and the best materials available for each specific hook.


Various tools enable and optimize fly tying, a professional fly tyer, lists the essential tools as being a vise, Ergo Bobbin, dubbing brush tool, Bodkin and Surgical all-purpose scissors Loon Outdoors have innovative tools for all angler across the globe.

COD ON THE FLY! 2016/17 Season….


Confidence- I can’t stress this enough!  If you don’t think a fish is going to eat your fly every second it’s in the water then you will be missing a tone of fish.  If you are not confident then you are not going to be presenting the fly as effective as you should.  If you don’t believe that a fish is going to eat the fly at every second, then that bump or rise or hesitation will result in a missed opportunity.


Adaptability- Your go to method of fishing is going to catch you the most fish because you are more confident and proficient, but what if it’s not working, or worse, only catching a fish or two? I say worse because if you catch one or two fish you are probably going to stick with it, when another method could be more productive.


Fish all of the water- Fish fast shallow riffles, small pockets, banks, and heavy pocket water.  Fish hold in fast riffles in surprisingly skinny water.  Most people walk right by.  They also hold in small pockets, along the banks, and heavy pocket water.  Most people don’t fish these areas and opt for the nice pool or run.  The reason is they are hard to fish, especially if you are fishing with an indicator.


Set, fight and net efficiently- Set the hook on everything. Don’t think about whether it was a rock or not. You should be thinking three or four moves ahead…like a chess game. This gives you perfect positioning on a fresh set of untouched pockets. Fight the fish with a high rod angle and apply pressure, and get it to the net quickly.



An Australian Rodent (KAOS RODENT SLIDER) found only in tiny parts of the main land along the East Coast it has been declared a new species for the fly angler. Scientists pro fly tier and founder of Kaos Cod Flys, Ross Virty Virt has said. It’s the first artificial mammal known to be wiped out in its short finding by humans-caused by poor tying skills, quality materials, short cuts and no idea of the time spent to perfect the construction of the KAOS SLIDER.


All thorough survey using small animal traps (VICES), camera vision, (photography) daytime and night-time social media and searches from December 1st to August 31st 2016 only turn up small populations of this animal. New report written by Virty from Geelong Victoria of the Department of Kaos Cod Flys and Joe Blow at the University of Fly Designs Australia was released today.


In brief the report said the “key factor” responsible for killing off the fly was incorrect fly tying skills, quality of materials and a lack of understanding of the build. Also the flooding of bullshit on multiple occasions during the last decade, “causing dramatic miss interpretation of fly fishing for Murray cod of articles and other written crap.  A habitat loss in around fly tying studios and the slaughter by huge individuals directly the Murray cod. I’ll insure the public it’s not loss or forgotten too quickly of the enjoyment of Murray cod on fly. The high floods of inquiries push the Rodents form there habitat causing them in to a panic and make the wrong decisions. In that the fly tier scarred to the traps, ties vigorously to create a live action fly to then be cast across the water surface and beneath are lurking Murray cod of all sizes to inhale and devour these creations.


Scientists have predicted that the revamped Rodent fly design will charge the way anglers think and target Murray cod. Specialist in this field say the KAOS rodent will thrive in the coming seasons, more fly tying with development including colour, size and style at the Laboratory of Kaos Cod Flys this will encourage others to follow the trend of my own style.


Anglers will see Australia’s Rivers, Lakes and impoundment systems as well as private habitats will report the high strikes and landing rate with a possibility that the Rodent fly will become at the top of the Murray cods food chain.

This rodent will tolerate all ranges of temperatures, such as freezing cold nights to very high daylight conditions. The KAOS rodent, which looks like a small brown rat but much larger, lives in very remote locations such as fly tying studios, tackle stores and very large fly boxes.  It will be considered the most effective fly on the market and the only risk now is not having the Rodent in your fly box.


Double Barrel popper and slider body!


The Double Barrel is an innovative, modern, soft-foam popper body that makes it easy to tie the most popular popper, slider, and diver flies being used today to target various Australian species such as Murray cod, Barramundi, Bass, Saratoga to smaller predators Jungle perch and Sooty grunters!

There are several unique design advantages over other popper bodies and is available in a comprehensive range of sizes and colours, allowing you to tie a full spectrum of flies.


The versatile foam head can be tied on with the cup facing forward to create popper this catches a high volume of water with each strip of the fly line and is finished off with a large set of recessed eyes. Tie in reverse to create slider a sneaky diver fly that can be swam across the top of the water quietly but displace the surface enough to make a presents.

An outstanding design and the hard work and time in to the development would have been time consuming with a product that is second to none…. Check out the full range of products at flymen fishing company.

Murray cod on fly give it a try!


Fly fishing is not limited to the summer months with the right knowledge and approach; you get to enjoy your passion any time of the cod season. Though you do not always come produce the goods with a fish or even get a strike, you are still able to pursue your passion all season long. Make every opportunity into fly fishing season and hit the water.


Depending on your local climate, it is still possible to make winter a productive time for your fly fishing. Late cold nights on the rivers give you rare opportunities for some winter fishing being surface or sub-surface fly fishing. Seek out different deep pools where fish collect during the low season weather. Fish do not feed with the same regularity, so take multiple flies to try to tempt them in to any strike. Identify pools, logs, weed beds, boulders, under cut banks and any standing and submerged structure that attract Murray cod. Behaviors of cod do change in all seasons and when fly fishing opportunity arrives, you know where to go and how to fish a certain spot.

cod night 012

Surface fishing flies hard up against the bank in a foot or 2 of water is a blast; the strike is instance, with the cod attacking the fly as soon as it hits the water. A shot gun sound rings though your ears and the commutation of a crocodile drag a deer in to the water is how I can explain it. Murray cod lurking the water edge looking for a free feed is common.

cod night 014

Water tempter and weather conditions come in to play but if you’re not on the water in any condition that big one might get away or just not happen. I hope this revs you up on purchasing an outfit and flies to join very few anglers that can say “I land cod on fly”.  If you haven’t given this technique much consideration as a productive way to fish for Murray cod at any time during  the season you should rethink your thoughts and give it an honest try.

Fly Fishing is it an ART??

Fly fishing is it an art! There is an innate beauty in a fly cast. There is a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing that comes from standing in a river or on the river bank. A rhythmic cast of a fly line back and forth. It’s a sense of being in time with nature, in tune with the solitude of the great outdoors being a part of the whole sentry. The fly line gilding through the air, unrolling, seems weight­less as it appears to defy the law of gravity. Fly casting has a poetic nature all on its own, there is a connection here; it’s with the heart of the game.

yellatime 036

Anglers are familiar with Spin or Bait casting equipment. In fly casting we attempt to cast an almost weightless artificial fly, made of feathers, hair and thread. To target and present that fly in a manner that will imitate a natural food source. In Fly Casting the line itself is the weight and the fly is along for the ride.

yellatime 021

There are many parts to sport of fly fishing from the aquatic entomology to the presentation. The fly fisherman and women must know and understand the cycle of nature, the food sources we try to imitate and their life cycle. Of course tying flies is an art form all on its own. The creator brings fur and feather together in a very individualized interpretation of nature. This interpretation is to be inspected up close and approved with a strike or rejected at the very last nanosecond, this will skip a heartbeat so be careful. The artist is attempting to represent life itself be it, insect, baitfish and amphibian through colour and shape. Be careful fly tying can be very addictive especially when using you’re own creation.

newsteadyellas 068

The equipment fly line, rod and reel are fairly simple in form and function. From natural hand crafted bamboo to space age materials, all with their own characteristics and advantages. Fly casting equipment has become more specialized and can add real enjoyment whether it be that extremely smooth performance or simply the pride of ownership of a finely crafted instrument.

yellatime 048 - Copy

Casting of course as I said above has its own rewards not only in the artistic but also the practical.  Understanding the concept of the mechanics is the first and essential step in mastering the art of fly casting. The laws of physics and their application to a flexible lever (rod) being moved through a casting stroke to a point that aims the line precisely at the target, landing exactly as intended is challenging and exciting. I have spent just over 8 years learning and yet there is always more to learn. Every step of the way has been enjoyable just pure fun and accomplishment. It’s not hard anyone can do it. It just takes a little practice. The only difference between a good fly caster and a Master is practice!newsteadyellas 124

Springtime means some of the best Golden perch fishing of the year, but it also offers its’ own set of challenges.  The warming water temps mean the yellow belly are more active and moving shallow, but they are also very sensitive to any drop in air and water temps caused by Springtime cold fronts. These fronts may only result in a slight drop in air and water temps, but they can completely shut down the bite.